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Cards Cash Rewards Network is a member-focused organization formed around an amazing one-card, multi-merchant gift card and mission for powering small retailers into a more lucrative share of the gift card marketplace.

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Why Join Cards Cash Rewards Network?

Joining the Cards Cash Rewards Network positions small retailers to reach thousands of card-members daily who are ‘ready-to-spend’ with every merchant member that is ‘ready-to-sell’. Joining with us drives your average ticket sales up while also transforming your ecommerce and digital marketing capabilities. Even more, the Cards Cash Rewards Network positions your business to expand its presence across every sales and marketing touch point more cost-effectively than you ever imagined.
Drive More Conversions Speedometer Selling Advice Increase Sales
A gift card being exchanged through hands - isolated over a white background. Clipping path is included.

SMARTer Social Media

More Better Profits

Buying | Selling | Trading

Get Ready to engage more ‘ready-to-spend’  customers powered by user-generated content  created by a vibrant community of social media savvy consumers. 

Brace for increased profits as your marketing costs decrease same time as your customer volume and average ticket sales increase.

Joining Cards Cash Rewards Network also positions your retail store to engage across an expansive merchant member network to buy, sell and trade your products and services.

#GCSMB | Small Retailers

Custom designed for small retailers’, our proprietary approach to customer acquisition infuses gift cards into the social media marketing mix to generate ‘ready-to-spend’ consumers seeking out the best offers from America’s small, local retailers. 
The Gift Card Social Media Bundle for Small retailers includes:
  • A fully executed gift card social media bundle campaign
  • Five (5) $10 gift cards rewarded randomly in campaign to ‘social’ participants
  • One (1) dedicated web/landing page on our website featuring your campaigns
  • Additional content customized to compliment your campaign’s marketing strategy

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