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Online PR


If you need publicity and media relations, Cards Cash Rewards gift cards are carefully crafted as products and solutions to help artists attain maximum exposure and market reach with the lowest budgets and highest returns in mind. 

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Why Gift Cards For Marketing Your Music?

Cards Cash Rewards gift cards position indie music artists to earn first dollar on every transaction their music generates. Our approach also powers your music’s reach globally through the reach of an expansive gift card network and an eclectic mix of strategic alliances. Get ready to scale up your cash-flow by opening up new channels that pay faster and more generously than typical music industry channels.

Online PR Distribution

Custom designed for independent music artists, our approach to ‘new media relations infuses gift cards and social influencers into the marketing mix to enable music-related content to reach and engage journalists, bloggers, videographers as well as music consumers everywhere they enjoy their favorite artists and songs the most.
 Every Online PR Distribution Campaign we produce and deliver to Indie Music Artists includes:
– Professionally written music press release
– Distribution to 200+ media outlets
– 25-50 gift cards bundles with your music
– Representation to our strategic partners for prospective sponsorship opportunities
– 50+ social influencers pushing your content to 10 million plus audience

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Powered by Music Super Bundle

Our approach to digital music marketing combines an expertly crafted Online PR Distribution solution with the game-changing Social Reach solution to forge the Powered by Music Super Bundle. With #PxMSB powering your music marketing, expect nothing less than to:

  • Grow and monetize social media
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Establish new distribution channels
  • Secure strategic partnerships and sponsors