Are You an Indie Music Artist Needing Cost Effective Social Media Promotions?

Our products and solutions push artists’ content into play with music lovers across social media. 

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Why Social Media Reach?

Most Cost Effective


Conveys SMARTer,  more accessible solutions to indie music artists than the leading online and social media advertising options. 

Higher Conversion Ratios


Converts into calls-to-actions at higher rates than the leading online and social media advertising options.

Explosive Viral Possibilities


Mixes music content with expansive social sharing to maximize engagement, reach and conversions. 



Social Media Reach to Transactions

Every Social Reach to Transactions campaign we produce and deliver to Indie Music Artists includes: 

  • Anchor content package including video, blog posts and social posts 
  • 25-50 gift card bundles with your music 
  • 50+ social influencers pushing your content to a 10 million plus audience 
  • Representation to our partners’ network for prospective sponsorships
  • And much more starting at $250 (USD) click here


Social Media Promo Bundle


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SMARTer social media into transactions promotional services includes press release writing and online distribution services. 

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