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Our products and solutions optimize your campaigns' rewards to donors' delight.

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Why Gift Cards?

Better Rewards

Boosts the perceived value of every reward level you convey to prospective contributors. 

More Donors

Better rewards $10 or less will increase total campaign donor counts 25-40%.

Users Generating Content

Gift card rewards are incentivizing social media savvy cardmembers and content curators to join the campaigns we feature. 

Here's How it Works

Additional Program Features

In-Campaign Support

Social promotion campaigns pushing featured rewards to prospective donors with significant ROIs in mind. 

Post-Campaign Support

Marketing solutions for raising additional capital as well as competitively positioning products into marketplace to sell. 

#GCSMB | Crowdfunding

Custom designed for crowdfunding rewards $10 or less, our proprietary approach to customer acquisition infuses gift cards into the social media marketing mix to generate more campaign donors at higher average contributions. 

The Gift Card Social Media Bundle for Crowdfunding Includes: 

  • A fully executed gift card social media bundle campaign
  • Five (5) $10 gift cards rewarded randomly in-campaign to ‘social’ participants 
  • One (1) dedicated web/landing page on our website featuring your campaign
  • Additional content customized to compliment your campaign’s marketing strategy
  • And much more for only $100 (USD)  click here

Gift Card Social Media Bundle


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SMARTer social media promotions for crowdfunders seeking to drive more “ready-to-spend” donors to their campaigns. 

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