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Our products and solutions are optimizing crowdfunding campaign rewards to donors’ delight.

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Why Gift Cards For Crowdfunding?

Cards Cash Rewards gift cards integrate seamlessly into crowdfunding campaigns to boost the perceived value of every reward level conveyed to prospective contributors. Our carefully crafted, expert approach to crowdfunding with gift cards increases your campaign’s donor base 25-40%. Even more. Our approach incentivizes social media savvy card members to engage the campaigns we feature to grow the values of their gift cards as well as to earn great prizes and rewards.
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In-Campaign Support

Post-Campaign Support

Our products and solutions power social media campaigns that compel prospective backers to favorably engage with your campaign.

Our products power marketing solutions for raising additional capital as well as for competitively positioning crowd-funded products to sell post-campaign.

#GCSMB | Crowdfunding

Custom designed for crowdfunding rewards $10 or less, our proprietary approach to customer acquisition infuses gift cards into the social media marketing mix to generate more campaign donors at higher average contributions. 
The Gift Card Social Media Bundle for Crowdfunding Includes:
– A fully executed gift card social media bundle campaign
– Five (5) $10 gift cards rewarded randomly in-campaign to “social” participants 
– One (1) dedicated web/landing page on our website featuring your campaign 
– Additional content (TBD) customized to compliment your campaign’s marketing strategy 

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